EUConcilia GmbH

Do you have a great project idea? Are you daunted by the minefield of bureaucracy?

We have exactly the expertise and experience to navigate you through the red tape and turn your dream into a reality.

Launched in 2005, EU Concilia - now EU Concilia GmbH - was founded to realize European project ideas from widely varying bodies, such as further education, universities, communities and associations, despite the administrative hurdles.
So, in this way we support the European aim to work towards an ever closer co-operation between European countries for economic and social advancement.

Our work is defined by the three pillars of professionalism, know-how and creativity.

A project consortium sets itself an enormous task in preparing the ground for an E.U. funded project:
a competitive proposal must be put together in the shortest possible time commensurate with the inevitable barriers.
In order to overcome these challenges, more and more coordinators are relying on the help of outside expertise.
In order to be among the 10 - 20% of funded proposals, a good concept and an outstanding project partnership are often not enough.
It is better to face these challenges with a competent partner by your side i.e. EU Concilia GmbH.

We possess the best possible contacts with officials in the European Commission and national agencies. Colleagues within EU Concilia GmbH are frequently active as consultants for the European Commission.
This is why we know what an E.U. proposal is all about.

We offer you our comprehensive services for European projects:

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